Digital nomads have different aliases: travelling freelancers, online entrepreneurs and remote employees. All of these appellations refer to individuals who travel to different locations and can work remotely from coffee shops, public spaces, libraries or just about anywhere that feels convenient; even a beach in the Bahamas. You can do it thanks to our amazing team at Globewide Academy.

For the digital nomad, work tools mostly comprise of a laptop, a smartphone and internet connection. This means that location is not a barrier to the completion of work-related tasks. Digital nomads challenge traditional concepts of work and have become increasingly popular, especially as digitization makes it easier to work remotely. Indeed, recent studies reveal a global trend: one in five workers is a digital nomad.

Here are some of the advantages of being a digital nomad:


Regardless of décor and aesthetics, office spaces can be stifling. It even gets worse when you add colleagues with different dispositions and behaviors to the equation. In such scenarios, efficiency can be reduced because of the toll such an environment can take on the productivity of workers.

With digital nomadism, you are literally working “out of the box” (read traditional workplace) and so there is a tendency for increased productivity since the “novelty” of new surroundings will serve to motivate and inspire you to do more work. Getting away from the limitations of a traditional work environment can be mentally and physically liberating while the influence of diverse experiences could enhance your approach to work.


One of the attractions of being a digital nomad is the freedom that it entails. As a digital nomad, you can tailor your working hours to meet your unique life script. In essence you can work and live the life of your dreams: no regimented work schedule or stress from commuting to work. You create a work environment that allows you to work when and how you want.

The best part is that you get to choose the gigs you work on. This way you are more efficient since you choose the kind of work that suits you best. With a 9-5, your work priorities are often determined by someone who may not understand your strengths and the kind of tasks that you are naturally disposed to. Digital nomadism gives you the freedom and allows you to be accountable to yourself.



There is the saying that “variety is the spice of life”. This is especially true for digital nomads since you will get to experience a lot of new places while on the go. You will get a firsthand experience of different cultures, cuisines and personalities; all of which will make you a more rounded person and spice up your creativity in no small way.


Ironically, being a digital nomad has financial advantages because you could choose to live in places where the costs of living are low while working for clients who are willing to pay more. Working remotely also saves you the cost of renting an office.

These advantages explain why this work trend is increasingly popular. What do you think?

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