Project manager tools for digital nomads and teams working remotely

Project manager tools for digital nomads and teams working remotely

If you are a remote worker, freelancer or independent professional, you are already a bit of a digital nomad as you like to work from anywhere wherever you have internet connection or wifi. Today remote working is an increasingly popular option for digital nomads around the world.

And with employers gradually inclined into the idea that remote workers are more productive, the number of digital nomads is slowly rising. Here is a list of few vital tools that freelancer or every remote worker need to stay productive and connected. So from Globewide Academy want to share all these useful tools to help you during your journey as a remote worker.


Trello-Project Management System tool

Every digital nomad or remote workers need the right project management system to keep track of projects, maintain deadlines, clients, keep track of tasks & to-dos. The best tools are mainly cloud-based, so you or anyone can access them from any device, wherever they get internet access. Some of the most popular project management systems tools such as Trello are really very helpful. To develop a proper workflow that suits you, find an appropriate project management tool that suits you and use it to keep your business on track and organised is the smart choice.



As a digital nomad, you have the freedom to work from anywhere in this world, so wherever you are on the planet, you need an easy way to call your clients or colleagues. Sometimes text messaging doesn’t cut it & you need to meet face-to-face with the client or an urgent video call while screen sharing. Skype is one of the most popular tools for this, although right now there are others on the market. Skype is probably the most well known name when it comes to voice& video calling from your laptop or desktop. You can load money into your account to make international calls or simply use your internet connection for a free method of getting in touch with your clients and keep track of your project progress through the Skype app.


Google Translate

Google Translate application instantly translates hundreds of languages. For the freelancer or any digital nomads, this application can be very handy to overcome the language barrier and invaluable in helping you get around and find the information you need at any time.


Wi-Fi Map- for finding free Wi-Fi:

Almost every freelancer, remote worker and digital nomad needs, actually which enables almost every other app or online application on this list is Wi-Fi connection.

Finding a free, faster and stable internet connection can be hard enough in your own city, especially when you are travelling abroad alone. That’s where Wi-Fi Map application comes in handy.


Google Drive - for storage

Sometimes cloud storage facility is easy to take for granted, but it’s a must-have tools when you’re working remotely, especially as part of a small team or even a team of one that needs to share files and make them easily accessible in a single place. Google Drive remains one of the most useful and generous cloud storage platforms by giving you fifteen GB of space for free of cost. In addition to that, Slides, docs, Sheets, and more as part of useful Google’s suite of tools; you can open many of your required files & share them with your clients and colleagues.


Freshbooks-Bookkeeping and Invoicing Software

As a freelancer or digital nomad, you always need an easy way to get paid for your work. Cloud based invoicing & bookkeeping app or software lets you send invoices, keep track of your payments, follow up with clients and keep your accounting up to date. Two of the most popular products are Harvest and Fresh Books.



Slack is reliable as email is for communicating with others, there are many advantages to having a dedicated workspace for your team, especially one where many of its members are working remotely. It’s much faster and leaner than email; it can provide transparency between clients and different teams. Slack is one of the most popular solutions for team communication given its variety of collaboration-oriented features and its increasingly useful tool for companies of all size.


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