The 10 most popular coding challenge websites

The 10 most popular coding challenge websites

A great way to improve your coding or programming skills to become an expert web developer or programmers is learning to code is by various solving coding challenges. Actually solving various types of challenges & coding related puzzles can help you to sharpen your problem-solving ability, it also helps to learn the intricacies of any programming language you opt for, makes you prepare for your job interviews, and helps to understand new algorithms.


Facing various challenges and practising coding is important to be an expert developer & below the list contains a list of the best coding challenge websites.



Coderbyte is one of the best ways for various IT company's interview preparation. It offers you over two hundred questions in ten different types of programming or coding languages. There are certain official solutions to many of the challenges as well as provides a scope to view multiple user-submitted solutions. In addition to the coding challenges, they also offer a lot of courses related to computer science and web development.



Codewars offer a huge bundle of coding challenges and latest edited version by their own community members. You can solve the challenges directly online in their editor using any of the programming languages suitable for you. You can directly view discussion for each challenge and also solutions. You can earn points and easily climb the rankings ladders by solving their challenges one by one.


Topcoder is probably better suited for an advanced level programmer, but it offers a very unique experience. It’s one of the first sites to introduce the concept of ranking according to coding challenge solving ability. They also offer challenges where expert developers can earn a handsome amount of cash prize.



Codefights also offers lots of coding challenges along with a platform to connect software engineers with suitable jobs. In addition, they also offer developers to compete against its official programming bots from some of the giant software brands in the technical community.



LeetCode is a great platform when you are looking for jobs. It’s very easy to dive in and practice through problems that teach you skills required for job interviews. In fact, the only focus is on job hunting. They have an expert judge for the problems to analyse as well as give you an opportunity to participate in various mock interviews.



Hackerrank is also for an advanced level programmer, but also provides features beyond the basic coding challenge. You can learn in several other related topics such as- AI, Algorithms, SQL, Mathematics, Functional Programming and more. Additionally, it also provides the ability for users to submit applications and can also apply to jobs by solving some company-sponsored program coding challenges.


Project Euler

Project Euler is for an experienced level coder. While its user interface (UI) may not be the most elegant that you normally used to, but it provides a lot of challenges in various programming languages. It also has more to focus on the solutions to mathematics-related problems solving skills. The website is very easy once you got the flow, which makes it easy to dive in quickly and start coding practice.



CodinGame is another challenge based platform designed to have fun while you learn to code. Your programming code quite literally drives the outcome of a game. It offers a large pool of coding languages, and it is one of the platforms to learn without feeling the stress which is typically associated with normal coding.



It has developed unique AI-based technology to observe coding candidates and evaluate them without human intervention. The goal is to make global giant tech firm recruitment process more effective and easy! According to the Facebook Developers,‚Ää is the most preferable and world’s best solution for software programmers or developers to assess and sharpening their craft with the right one.



GeeksforGeeks has the best collection of explanations of problems and solutions for algorithms and data structure parts. You can see an example here of how they break down complex problems into simpler parts, explain the solution and then provide a code for that solution. They also have an online editor where you can easily practice and solving challenges all by yourself before seeing the actual solution.


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