Why You Should Study Abroad

Why You Should Study Abroad

In recent times the trend of studying abroad has become a global phenomenon. It has metamorphosed from intra-continental studies or exchange programs to the inter-continental version where students cross oceans and continents in search of education. Of a truth, travelling is said to be part of education but is that the reason why studying abroad has become increasingly popular?

Maybe some research might provide answers to that question. In the meantime, we want to provide some reasons why you should study abroad.



Studying abroad has unique challenges. Overcoming these challenges on your own makes you more independent. Indeed, being independent is a challenge in itself, especially when you step out of your comfort zone. In the end, studying abroad gives you an opportunity to find yourself as it shows you who you really when the chips are down.



Studying abroad is fascinating as it immerses you in a completely different environment with distinct cultural outlooks, belief systems and values. This enriching experience will broaden your view of humanity as you realize that our unique approaches to life need not be mutually exclusive of each other. This is an experience that cannot be gained from classrooms or books. 



There are universities that are internationally renowned for their standards and quality. Take Harvard for example. A lot of international students throng that university because of the quality of education they believe they will get.

Studying abroad provides you with the opportunity to get premium education that sets you apart from your peers because some of the world’s highest ranking universities may not be in your continent. When you study abroad, you get to experience a style of education that is different from what you are used to. The cultural immersion alone has given your education a different tone from what you would have had in your country or continent. 



When it comes to career opportunities, studying abroad gives you an edge over your peers who did not because in the global village that the world has become, most employers tend to prefer applicants who studied abroad. Who wouldn’t?

Studying abroad affords you a better understanding of the way the world works while imbuing you with the confidence that comes with overcoming the challenges of living in another country. It also makes it easier for you to work abroad if you feel like working in the country where you studied or any other foreign country.



When you study abroad, you are not restricted to the country where you study. You have the opportunity to visit nearby countries with different cultures and terrains, natural wonders, museums and landmarks. You also get the chance to discover lots of new things: courses, hobbies, activities and interests that are not available or popular at home. You get to see the world and learn things that you cannot get in the classroom or in books. 

This article is in no way exhaustive, but it offers some of the most important reasons why you should travel abroad.

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